At Home With the Kids

easy, fun IDEAS

Activities to help you enjoy time with your little ones

-For older toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary kids
-Take five minutes or less to prepare
-Use items you’re likely to have at home already
-Zero screen time

truck wash

Take your toy vehicles for a wash.
Preschool and early elementary

play library

You can use kids’ books or adult books.
Preschool and early elementary

Shape Hunt

Using the stuff in your house.
4-5, younger if an older sibling can help

rainbow coloring

Everyone is fascinated by rainbows.
Older preschool and early elementary

coin rubbings

Materials gathered in two minutes.
Three and up

Toy robot

It really doesn’t matter how the robot turns out.
Old enough to use a paintbrush

Butterfly project:
eggs on a leaf

You definitely have something you can use for the beads.

bean sorting

A simple and satisfying sorting game.
Preschool, variations include an older sibling

roll the dice

Everyone loves to roll dice.
Variations for all ages

play dough

It’s non-toxic and super fast to make.
All ages

Knot tying frame

Develops concentration while teaching a skill.
Preschool, variations for ages five and six.


You know all that toilet paper
you’re going through?
All ages

baking breadsticks

It also doesn’t matter what shape
the breadsticks turn out.
All ages

butterfly project: caterpillar

Another project that uses your recycling bin.
Old enough to hold a paintbrush.
Kids love to do real work.
All ages

finger paint

It’s super sensory, plus it’s washable.
All ages

Cutout Letters

A quiet activity you can make at your desk.
Preschool and early elementary

Making a crown

Even my seventh graders liked making crowns.
All ages

Paper chain

Use any kind of paper you have; so many variations

coin sorting

The easiest materials to come up with.

butterfly project:

The question is, are you ready for papier mache?

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