“Before i had her, I was a competitive triathlete. Now I can’t even go for a two-mile run unless there’s a bathroom on the way.”

“I need exercise for my mental health, but how can I go back to the gym if I can’t even sneeze without peeing?

“I need to sleep, but I can’t sleep, because my back hurts. I’m grouchy all the time, because my back hurts. I’m getting depressed. Everything is about my back–will I be able to make it to the store today? We’re out of diapers. But that means lifting the stroller into the car–which means my back is gonna hurt.”

Pelvic floor issues and back pain are two of the most common issues I see in postpartum women–whatever stage they’re at:

  • prenatal
  • sleepwalking with an infant
  • picking up after a toddler or two
  • or years beyond those stages

But there are a host of other issues that can make life uncomfortable for a mom:

  • abs that no longer seem to work
  • un-stretchable neck and shoulder tightnesss
  • wrist, hip, knee, and foot pain
  • a puffy belly that doesn’t respond to exercise
  • inactive (flat) glutes
  • loss of exercise stamina and energy
  • and all the moods that go with these conditions

No matter what combination of postpartum symptoms you’re experiencing, the important thing to remember is that in almost all cases:

You can get better.
Your body is not broken.

How I help

A certified and experienced prenatal and postpartum corrective exercise specialist, I help people get out of pain. Using a systems thinking approach developed by a leading physical therapist and my own background as an analyst, educator, and athlete, I work with individuals and groups to make positive, lasting changes so that my clients can move with ease for life.

What to expect

When we work together, we’ll use targeted exercises that blend easily into a busy parent’s life. We’ll focus on critical improvements to your

  • breathing
  • posture
  • habitual stress responses
  • muscle imbalances
  • and functional movement patterns

Even when pregnancy and parenting change your life, you deserve to feel great in your own body.

Statistics about UI: https://journals.lww.com/fpmrs/Abstract/9000/Updated_Prevalence_of_Urinary_Incontinence_in.99173.aspx

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