Your body is not broken

Pregnancy and parenting change your life, but you still deserve to feel great in your own body.

Heal at any stage

Whether you’re prenatal, fumbling through the infant or toddler years, or it’s been years since you became a parent, you don’t need to be in pain or feel limited in what you do.

pain is Not normal

Coach potato or triathlete, the physical and emotional stress of becoming a parent drops a lot of strong, capable people into a dystopian world of back, hip, shoulder, or neck pain.

Maybe it’s your feet.

Your wrists.

Maybe you can’t run without peeing or get in to the bathroom fast enough. Heck, maybe you can’t even cough, laugh, or take a walk without peeing.

It doesn’t have to be this way. It’s not “normal” to experience pain and discomfort just because you dared to get pregnant or have a baby, no matter what your OB or PT says.

You can get better.
Your body is not broken.

Get help

A certified and experienced prenatal and postpartum corrective exercise specialist, I help people get out of pain. Using a systems thinking approach developed by a leading physical therapist and my own background as an analyst, educator, and athlete, I work with individuals and groups to make positive, lasting changes so that my clients can move with ease for life.

What to expect

When we work together, we’ll use targeted exercises that blend easily into a busy parent’s life. We’ll focus on critical improvements to your

  • breathing
  • posture
  • awareness of habitual stress responses
  • muscular imbalances
  • and functional movement patterns

why you’re in pain


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neck and shoulders

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