Book Review: Veggie burger atelier

Trust Nina Olsson, a Swede living in the Netherlands by way of Barcelona, to give you all the tips and tricks to make healthy and varied veggie burgers at home.  Olsson explains the secret of the four elements (texture, flavor, firmness, and juiciness) and gives clear and detailed recipes.

But the most valuable part of the book is her insight into how you can get ingredients working together to control the eating experience for your victims guests. Her burger process is flexible, with lots of room for substituting (for vegan and gluten-free versions, too), so this book is good for creative cooks and people who don’t like to shop for specific ingredients before they get cooking. The last section of the book is a big chart of potential ingredients and the qualities they bring to the burger. In essence, there’s no excuse not to be making a veggie burger right now. 

In case you don’t leisurely tote a basket  home from the farmers’ market 

The recipes for sides and toppings come with Olsson’s commentaries so you can really imagine the thing before you make it. You’ll be able to make Vietnamese Slaw, Curry Ketchup, Lime Zhug, and Cashew Toum to top your Nicoise, Sage and Squash, or Watermelon Poke burgers. In case you want a challenge, she even goes over how to make your own brioche buns. 

Plant-based foods are good for your microbiome, calm inflammation, and reduce your risk of chronic diseases. A recent giant meta-study found that 7.8 million early deaths could have been prevented if the people had eaten ten daily servings of fruit and veg (Intl Journal of Epidemiology, 8/17, cited in Anticancer Living). You should be eating a veggie burger right now.

My personal belief is that meat eating

will become a story for museums in the future. 

Nina Olsson,

Since the recipes are organized by world region, you can browse by what’s left in your fridge.  Or where you wish you were headed tomorrow. 

It’s a fun, chatty book to read even if you prefer your veggie burgers from Trader Joe’s freezer section (quinoa cowboy vb’s for me), with high gift potential. 

If even making the Northerner or the Dutch Seaport Burger can’t quell your Scandi jones, visit Nina Olsson. She’s a pretty amazing one: restaurant owner, cookbook author, travel photographer, and owner of a “culinary design studio.”

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