Song of the Month

Look into those mirrored glasses…do you see your own reflection? These sunglasses are also handy for hiding your tears if you listen to this song on your way to Trader Joe’s.

I’m sorry, but since you’re a parent, the song of the month is going to make you cry. Hey, what is December for?

If you’re a kid: getting to listen to Christmas carols at school, eating red and green Hershey’s kisses, talking about presents with your friends, seeing how beautiful your house looks when candles are lit, and getting to see your cousins. 

If you’re an adult: feeling sorry for yourself, moping around wondering when Christmastime went from the most magical to the most stressful time of the year, eating and then regretting eating red and green Hershey’s kisses, and comforting yourself by imagining the fresh new start you’re going to make in January.

Yes, for adults, December is the month for regret.

"Well, I know that I can't pretend
That I haven't had my regrets,
From the memories that I've kept
To the history I forget"

Your child is your blank slate, your fresh start. They don’t need to go through what you went through. That friend who wasn’t really your friend. And that other non-friend. God, when will you learn?  Those bad memories that mosquito-bite your brain at 3am. That existential is this all there is chant that gets louder and louder as the days get shorter and shorter.

Your plan is to parent your child so beautifully, so thoughtfully, that they’ll sail through life, just glowing with the same joy and delight they have now.

In “Oh Child,” Schulz is doing what we all do,  watching his kid happily playing in the sand as he wonders  what they’ll be like when they’re grown up.

Oh child, will you travel the world?
And see all of the things I missed?
You can tell me all about it when you're back
Like I always did
Oh child, maybe you can fall in love with a husband or a wife
If you're happy when the road is getting rough
I'll be happy they're by your side
David Guetta, friend of our dreams

And the chorus just gets me every time. Schulz gives his kid the advice he wished he had gotten. It’s especially meaningful because believe it or not, Robin Schulz didn’t find musical success until he was 30. And how he’s a mega-star living the dream. He’s even, and I quote, “friends with David Guetta.

Anyway, I think this chorus is what every parent wants to say to their kids. Come on, sing along, and let the tears of December flow!

Just to clarify, that was not the chorus.

This is.

Oh child just do what you love
'cause you won't get this life again

It’s true.

We should. And we won’t.

And hey, just enjoy those holiday Hershey’s kisses. January will come.  You can be your own blank state, your own fresh start.