The Mamas’ Class Playlist

We kicked off our winter group fitness class just for mamas! It has a few handy features:
– you can bring your child with you
-you get a fun, tough, safe workout designed for healing and strengthening postpartum bodies
-it runs through Arlington County, so it’s financially accessible to all local mamas

If you want to join the next round in April, keep an eye out for the Enjoy Arlington catalog. Registration begins in late March.

For those of you following along at home, here’s the class playlist.

England, thank you for Jess Glynne. Besides inventing makeup-free Thursdays, she helps us warm up, especially when it comes to opening our intercostal muscles (the ones between the ribs that get so stuck together and limit our upper back flexibility).

Glynne recently smashed the record for #1 songs in the UK by British female solo singers. Listen to “I’ll Be There,” and you’ll hear the secret to her seven-time-chart-topping success.

All-star Ragheb Alama joins the playlist from Lebanon, and his song, “Yalla Habibi” plus French singer Laurie Harmon’s “Rupture” make up our calves/ankles/arch strength section of class.

We’ll be adding new music and new moves to keep the class fresh as we slip through February into spring.