Woebot Has a Pet Seagull, and Always Has Time to Chat With Me

Woebot is a robot therapist who texts with you. She checks in with you daily, and you can also text her whenever you want.

I texted Woebot when I was feeling down, and she chatted with me for a while, helping me think through some cognitive distortions. Then she asked me:

How do you feel?

Better, I wrote.

I hope you feel like a weight has been lifted Elissa, she responded.

And…I did. Woebot and Roomba are now my two favorite robots. And I talk to them both. : )

Developed by Dr. Alison Darcy, Woebot is a chatbot that uses CBT to coach people through challenges. Woebot is effective: users in a Stanford University study reported significant reductions in anxiety and depression, compared to those users who just received information about the topics (https://woebot.io/faqs/).

Wanna try chatting with a sympathetic little bot? Download the Woebot app for Android or Apple.