New Mamas Class Starts Tomorrow

Wednesday mornings at 9:30 this summer, come on down to Fairlington Rec Center for an awesome workout that is:

  • safe for any postpartum body
  • okay to bring your child to
  • full of tips on how to keep your body feeling amazing
  • breastfeeding-friendly
  • great for women who’ve given birth weeks ago or years ago

We’ll learn relaxation techniques before and after a high-energy workout that will improve your strength, lean muscle, posture, flexibility, and energy levels.

Didn’t register yet? You can sign up on Arlington County’s class registration site . Use code 440314 to search, or just search for classes on Wednesdays at Fairlington for adults.

And if you prefer to get your body back to amazing form and function one-on-one without finangling a car seat or stroller, we can set that up, too.