Play Library

First make your library cards.

  • Cut some rectangles from some cardboard item in your recycling bin
  • Just use paper
  • Get out your real library card, and have the kids try to recreate the elements on it
  • Suggest that they draw a library seal, or a book, or a kid reading

Make your beeper (scanner) to check out books.

  • Use a rectangular block
  • Build one out of Legos
  • Use a toy hammer from the toolbox
  • Use a flashlight

This is a great indoor activity. It can be done in a kid’s room or wherever the bookshelves are–maybe even in your home office while you do some work.

Whoever is being the customer goes to the bookshelf and selects their books. You can have the librarian join in here, asking the customer if they want suggestions. Some kids get really into this. “How old is your child?” “Does your child like truck books?”

Maybe the librarian needs to set a limit for how many books customers may check out. When they’re ready, they bring their stack to the scanner, and the librarian beeps the books.


  • It’s a puzzle library
  • The books are overdue, and fines are calculated and paid
  • The librarian has a story time and reads a book out loud
  • The kids can take all the books out of the shelves in their room and try out different ways of organizing them (by size, by topic, by age, by how frequently they read them). If they do this, they can also make little labels to put on the shelves.

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