Roll the Dice


  • They roll the dice and count the number of dots they rolled.
  • You can make it a game by having a little cup or set of cups (an egg carton works well). For each roll, they drop that number of [beans, beads, pieces of gravel] in the cup.
  • Another game: with a container of Matchbox cars, whatever number they roll, they race that many cars across the room.

Able to Recognize Numbers

  • Divide a piece of paper into six sections. Write the numbers 1-6 in the sections. Each time they roll, they mark a circle or an x or a line in the section for that number.
  • Label six small papers with the numbers 1-6. Use masking tape to stick them to different items in the room or yard. After they roll, they go to that place and come back, or they do that activity and come back.
    Outdoor example: they roll a 2. You’ve taped the 2 paper to the mini-trampoline. They jump on it for “two minutes” (you’re timing while you send that important email), and then they come back.
    Indoor example: they roll a 5. You’ve taped the 5 to the dollhouse. They walk over to the dollhouse and come back.
    Sneaky variation: they roll a 5. The 5 is taped to the dollhouse. They look through the room for something that belongs in the dollhouse, and they put it back. They roll a 2. The 2 is taped to the laundry hamper. They pick up something that needs to go in the laundry and put it in the hamper.
  • Got sidewalk chalk? Have the child draw six shapes on the driveway and help them label them with the six numbers. When they roll a number, they jump to that shape (or get there in three giant steps…or hop on one foot…or ride their scooter.

If They’re Able to Write

  • Have them divide a piece of paper into six sections. They write 1-6 in the sections. In each section, they write a funny dance move or silly thing to do. When they roll a number, they get to do what’s written for that number.
    Examples: Dance like a hungry chicken. Stand on one foot and say “ugga wugga” while sticking your tongue out.
    Two or more kids: Each kid writes their ideas on their own paper in secret. Then when the other person rolls, the kid gets to announce the funny thing they wrote down.
    Older children variation: With a one minute timer going, they try to roll the dice and do the action as quickly as possible, seeing if they can get all six numbers rolled and all six actions done before the timer goes off.
    Variation to include a younger sibling: The younger kid can draw the silly thing to do, or whisper it to the older sibling who will proudly and helpfully write it down for them.

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