Shape Hunt

Triangle…circles….this is actually our pizza cutter.

Take two or three pieces of printer paper. Fold in half to make a booklet. Staple along the top and bottom of the crease so the booklet stays together.

On the cover, write “Shape Hunt” and draw some funny detective eyes. On each page, write or draw (depending on your child’s age) a shape.
Example: first page– Square second page–Circle third page–Rectangle
For older children, get all crazy: Diamond, Sphere, Rectangular Prism.

If your child can sort of draw:
Make three or four big empty boxes on each page.

If you child can sort of write/spell:
Make three or four big ruled lines on each page.

If your child is a proficient writer:
Make a numbered list 1-20 on each page.

They’re going to go around the house and hunt for the shapes, then record their best findings in the booklet. Coach them to find the ones that they think will totally surprise you–not the obvious ones. Set them loose with a clipboard (or a hardback children’s book with a chip clip attached) and a pencil.

Sizes: Make a rule that they need one shape on each page to be smaller than their hand, one to be bigger than their head, and one to be smaller than their thumbnail.

Colors: Ask them to find one shape of every color in the rainbow. Or tell them each square they record needs to be a different color–no repeating colors.

Materials: Ask them to find the shape in at least one thing made of wood, one thing made of cloth, and one thing made of metal or ceramic.

Guessing game: The thing is, they can probably find the shapes really fast. So you need to emphasize that it’s all about recording the shapes in their little detective booklet. If you think your kids will be too fast, have them draw a sketch of the way the shape appears and to write down just what room in the house it’s in. Then they can walk you around the house afterward and show you their sketch, and from that, you will have to figure out what thing they found.

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