Cutout Letters

From printer paper or construction paper, or even old magazine pages, cut out the letters of your child’s name.


Early Literacy Development
-You can work on letter recognition, having the child trace the letters with their pointer fingers.
-The child can describe what the letters look like, what part are straight, what parts curve, what the letters remind them of.
-They can practice saying the sounds the letters make, one at a time.

Has Some Letter Sound Knowledge
-The child can scramble the letters up and then solve the puzzle of getting them into the right order. If it’s tricky, write their name on another paper so they can refer to it.
-The child can gluestick the letters onto another paper in the right order.


  • Older kids can cut the letters themselves after you mark them out.
  • They can draw pictures using the letters as the base, maybe turning the letters into little people or animals or boats or whatever they look like.
  • Do the same activity for everyone in the family’s names. You can extend the activity by having them turn the letters into things the person likes to do.
  • Emerging readers can do the same activities with some of their sight words.
  • Older kids can glue the letters of their name vertically, going down, on a piece of larger paper, and then come up with descriptions of themselves that start with each letter. They can work on sounding out the words of the descriptions.

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