Rainbow Coloring

Draw a rudimentary rainbow with six stripes.
Have your child find six crayons/colored pencils/markers in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

If your child knows rainbow order, ask them to color in the rainbow in rainbow order.
If not, make a tiny rainbow on the bottom corner of the page showing rainbow order, and see if they can follow it to fill in the big rainbow.Variations


  • Challenge them to draw a rainbow ball, with red on the outside and purple in the middle.
  • How about a rainbow square? triangle? person?
  • Have them organize their crayons in rainbow order.
  • If they have beads, have them bead a bracelet in rainbow order.
  • Have them practice writing out the words of the colors in the color. (Write “red” with a red crayon…write “orange” with an orange crayon.)
  • If for some reason you have a prism at home, have them look through it at rainbows and describe the differences between real rainbows and drawings of rainbows. You could also use a photograph of a rainbow to observe.

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