Knot Tying Frame

File folder, preferably without pockets, does not need to be new
Two shoelaces or pieces of yarn (or any kind of thick-ish string)


1. On the folded edge, near the middle, cut two small holes.
Cut them large enough so you can slide the strings through,
but that a knot or two will keep the strings in place.

2. Thread one string through each hole.
Tie two knots on the end of the strings that are inside the folder.
Let the strings hang outside.

Close the folder. Step by step, show your child how to tie a knot, two or three times. Keep the knots rather loose, so they’ll be easy to undo.
Then have them practice. They can fill the whole length of the strings with knots, show you, then undo them and practice again.


  • Teach five-and-ups how to tie a bow.
  • Make a second frame with three holes and three strings, and teach six-and-ups how to braid.

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