Making a Crown

Any kind of paper or tagboard
Something to color with
Any kind of tape

-Cut the paper lengthwise into two or three strips. Keep the strips the same width: a width between two and six inches works well.
-Tape the strips together lengthwise to make one long strip.
-Measure your child’s head with the strips and cut, leaving a generous flap for overlapping.
-Now your child can decorate the crown.
-Mark where the overlap will happen, so that as your child decorates the crown, they don’t have their favorite part covered up when you tape it into the crown shape.
-When they’re all done decorating, tape the crown into its final crown shape.

Decorating ideas

  • They can make a pattern using their favorite colors and shapes.
  • They can make a rainbow crown.
  • Older kids can use a ruler to measure specific distances to color certain colors.
  • They can even cut out magazine pictures to make a collage on their crown.
  • They can write the letters of their name around the crown, and then decorate each letter.

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