Coin Rubbings

Very achievable.


  • Loose change
  • Random old crayons with the wrappers off
  • Printer paper
  • Something for an underlay to keep the crayon marks off your table

Optional: cut the paper into strips.

How–Optional Introductions

If you have time
-Talk through with your child what the different coins are.
-Have them describe all the differences among the coins.

If you need them to work independently
-Have them sort the coins into piles. If you give them Dixie cups or little bowls or something, they can sort the coins into these containers, which they really like. It makes a satisfying noise when the coins clink together.
-Have them count the coins.
-If your child is older, they can make a tally sheet showing the different coin amounts.

How–The Actual Coin Rubbings
1. Lay the strip of paper over one coin or a line of coins.
2. Turn the crayon horizontal so the maximum surface area of the crayon contacts the paper as they rub.
3. They can experiment with the results of
–different levels of pressure
–different colors of crayons
–different brands of crayons


  • Try it with pencils
  • Use six coins and the six rainbow colors (why am I so obsessed with rainbows?)
  • Make a picture with the coin rubbings, like a face.
  • They can make four strips of coin rubbings, then join them around a picture they’ve drawn to make a picture frame.

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