Paper Chain


  • Scissors
  • Tape, glue, or stapler
  • Any kind of paper: look for slightly thicker paper, but anything will work. Try construction paper (especially random half-colored on pages), old coloring book pages, magazine covers/pages, junk mail, wrapping paper, paper from your office recycling bin

Setup and How

  • Make for your child two sample strips first so they can see the size to aim for:
    -Thickness: 1″ to 2″ works well
    -Length: about 8″
  • Show them how to make a loop with a little overlap and how to fasten it. Show them how to loop the second strip through and fasten that.
  • Your child can cut a bunch of strips from the papers. It’s totally fine if they’re messy.
  • When they feel like they have enough, they can link them together.


  • They can make a pattern with their loops.
  • Older children can try making three different chains, using tiny strips, normal size strips, and then giant strips, and enjoy the different size effects.
  • Children working on writing can write a word or their name or family member’s names on each strip before they start connecting them.
  • Younger children could draw with a marker on each strip before connecting them.
  • Very young children could stamp an ink stamp on each strip before connecting them.
  • They can look for a place in your home to decorate with the chain.
  • If you have pinking shears or other decorative scissors, they could cut loops with those.
  • If they make a short strip, they could turn it into a necklace or crown, then make more for to drop off at neighbor’s houses.

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