Butterfly Project: Eggs on a Leaf

There are lots of things you can use if you don’t have beads.


  • Construction-type paper
  • Glue
  • Something to be the eggs: IKEA beads, perler beads, ditalini pasta (you can even have your kids paint them first), buttons, those 3D stick-on gems, even paper punches.
  • A straw or a stick
  • A glass or little bottle


  • Trace a leaf shape onto construction paper for your child to cut, or just cut one out for them, depending on age.
  • Draw the veins on one side of the leaf to indicate that it’s the top side.
  • Attach the leaf to the straw or stick in some fashion. One method is to curl up some paper and glue it to one end of the leaf. Then you can glue it to or set it over the straw.
  • Then your child gets to pick out how many eggs they want their butterfly to lay (some lay a single egg per leaf, some lay multiples), and glue them to the underside of the leaf.
  • When they set up the leaf and straw stem in the bottle or glass, it gives a nice visual of how the eggs would be on a plant. Then you can have a little science conversation about why they think butterflies lay their eggs like this.
Butterflies lay their eggs on the underside of the leaf, and their leaves are really tiny. To the naked eye, they look like a speck, but up close, they are often fantastically detailed and jewel-like.

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