Will acupuncture help my back pain?

The Bra That Wouldn’t Fit

After baby, like, awhile after baby, when my belly was semi-normal size, I slipped on my trusty ice-blue Uniqlo jacket. Warm and cozy, but light as marshmallow fluff, I wanted it to defend me against the stiff March breeze.  It zipped over my slightly protruding belly. But it wouldn’t zip up over my chest. Que annoying! I […]

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Book Review: Veggie burger atelier

Trust Nina Olsson, a Swede living in the Netherlands by way of Barcelona, to give you all the tips and tricks to make healthy and varied veggie burgers at home.  Olsson explains the secret of the four elements (texture, flavor, firmness, and juiciness) and gives clear and detailed recipes. But the most valuable part of […]

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Why is my belly still sticking out?

If you’re in pretty good shape, but your belly is still protruding more than you would like, don’t despair. That’s really common, but it doesn’t need to be permanent. Often, a postural issue is the culprit–which, luckily, is repairable. During pregnancy, most women’s back muscles get tight from overuse. Since the ab muscles can’t function […]

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Book Review: Even the Stiffest People Can Do the Splits

Eiko goes by one name. She’s a freethinking yoga teacher who works in Osaka, Japan, and she just published this English-language book through Rodale. Eiko’s premisePerforming specific stretches daily for a few minutes, will get most people–even the stiffest, least flexible–doing the splits in four weeks. What she means by “splits”Eiko, pretty reasonably, defines the […]

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A Better Push-up: Hands Have Arches?

When you stand with great posture, you lift up through the arches of your feet. Activating your arches prevents your ankles from collapsing inward, which, in turn, stops your muscles from unfairly pulling on your knee and hip joints. Hips and shoulders share some anatomical similarities, and often, when people attempt push-ups, the shoulders get […]

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