Bean Sorting

AgesPreschool, variations include an older sibling SetupToss a handful of various beans and dry pasta shapes into a bowl or container. Offer small containers for the sorted beans–it’s extra nice if these sorting containers are identical, like the cups from an egg carton or popsicle molds (as shown). HowShow them how to carefully take one […]

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Truck Wash

AgesPreschool and early elementary SetupFill one bucket or bowl with soapy, sudsy water, and a second container with clean water. Rustle up an old toothbrush, a watering can, and a spray bottle filled with water. HowAsk your kids, “How should we set up our car wash assembly line? What order makes the most sense?” Maybe […]

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People Commenting on Your Weight When Your Body Just Produced a Beautiful Baby, for Crying Out Loud

I had somehow forgotten about this issue. It came back when I recently introduced myself to someone in a workout class. Let’s call her Ariana. Ariana was younger and at a different life stage: nowhere near having kids. When I mentioned that I had two children, she raised her eyebrows. “Wow,” she said, in an […]

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Class vs. Individual Coaching

Which is better? Are you wondering? Here are some scenarios and my suggestions. Which one is like you? Go-Getter GracieGracie is very motivated and already has a strong understanding of body mechanics. She wants to continue to improve her fitness, but she´s not experiencing any major body issues. She takes in the information presented in […]

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For My Entrepreneur Squad

A lot of you mamas are small business owners–about four million of you here in the US. Want to know more about your cohort? Here’s a cool little infographic. As a busy small business owner (as well as likely being the main caretaker for your children), you may not be aware yet of a powerful […]

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Dance Party on Your Diaphragm

The Mysterious and Misunderstood Diaphragm “Sing from your diaphragm!” the choir teacher exhorts. The diligent students nod, and try to sing…louder? More diaphragmily? “Let’s do some nice, deep, diaphragmatic breathing,” coaches your yoga teacher. She knows what she’s doing. So you breathe…deeper? Louder, maybe? Despite being frequently invoked by professionals who work with breathing, the […]

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Walk Well

The last few weeks in our Mamas Fitness class, we explored some concepts for improving walking mechanics in your body. Here are some key points, but first some… Disclaimers, or grains of salt Not an issue of good and evil. As of right now, within the available research, there isn’t definitive consensus on the “best” […]

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