Qualified and Positive

My certifications include:
-postpartum corrective exercise specialist
-group and small-group fitness instructor
-personal trainer (holistic, nutrition-driven, corrective movement focus)
-I’m also a mother of two who created Unbroken Body to provide other moms with the knowledge I wished someone had shared with me after my pregnancies and deliveries.

A former teacher, I know how important positive encouragement and feeling connected are for making progress. My clients are busy and often just short of being overwhelmed. I help them stay motivated and moving by making sure they learn something new and feel appreciably better during and after each session.


You don’t need to find childcare or get yourself to the gym, because I will bring my knowledge and energy to you. Your baby/ies, toddler/s or big kid/s are welcome to watch, play nearby, or cheer you on. Sure, it can get a little chaotic, but working with you while your toddler tries to climb the bookcase or your baby rejects naptime is pretty manageable compared to getting 120 seventh graders with spring fever to practice their Shakespeare scenes on a middle school front lawn right in front of all the administrators’ offices.

My Approach

For each client, I do a mini and a thorough posture and movement assessment. The mini one lets me get you started on healing within ten or fifteen minutes of seeing you move. The longer one lets me develop a just-for-you exercise and movement program. I love keeping up to date on physiology and exercise science research, and I also maintain a network of pelvic floor physical therapists and other health and wellness professionals I am confident in that I will refer you to for areas outside my expertise.

Bottom Line

I can help you whether you’re newly postpartum, or delivered decades ago. The body can almost always heal. Really.

See my post about the most common issues people contact me for.