The Right Knowledge and the Right Skills

As a former teacher, I know what the keys to student motivation are: listening intently, making a connection, and giving frequent, positive, and specific encouragement.

As an expert in kinetic body systems, the impact of posture and form on muscle and joints, and the ramifications of pregnancy and delivery, I can assess your muscle use patterns and guess at their consequences just from seeing you move for a few minutes. I show you what’s going wrong in your body, teach you how to change it, and then get you to the place of improvement.

Like most of my clients, you are probably constantly just short of being overwhelmed. I will keep you motivated by making sure you learn and change each session.

I’m a certified Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, as well as a personal trainer, and I’ve worked with clients from all over the fitness spectrum. I’ve been an athlete and worked with athletes all my life, from soccer to lacrosse to martial arts to yoga and dance, but I’m also a reader with a background in research and analysis.

There is a gap in our health care system. Women’s health still does not command the medical establishment’s attention as it should, and the training most OB’s and PCP’s get in postpartum care is truly lacking. Physical therapy schools currently offer one, single-credit course on the pelvic floor. But while these facts limit the care most women receive, there is a world of research-tested, peer-reviewed, high-quality information and protocols available to address the common–but not normal–symptoms that too many women still experience after childbirth.

I am passionate about filling this gap. Contact me today, and we can get started on a posture assessment and a prescription for therapeutic movement that will make lasting changes on your daily life.