Why Does My Back Hurt?

Well, I don’t know. Yet. The muscles in and around the back are complex. But I already have a few guesses. Back pain and you Back pain makes you irritable, and it makes you avoid doing things. Chronic pain leads to changes in the brain, and the accompanying feeling of helplessness puts you at risk […]

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How Long Till I Recover?

Postpartum women want to know how long it’s going to take for them to be back to their baseline. Here are my tips for answering that question: 1.Take what your MD or OB says with a grain of salt. An experienced primary care physician who focuses on prevention and maintaining good health reconfirmed to me […]

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Evidence for Exercise as an Antidepressant

At last, research has yielded strong and reputable evidence that physical exercise both prevents the onset of depression, and reduces depressive symptoms. Did ya hear that? Exercise fights depression! Science proves it! (People knew exercise and mood were related. They just didn’t have strong research clarifying whether being depressed makes people exercise less than typical-mood […]

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Top Ten Postpartum Problems

Pregnancy and delivery do a number on the body, that’s for sure. These are (paraphrases of) the most common issues that bother my clients. #10 My breath doesn’t work right I don’t want to talk during meals because I can’t eat, talk, and breathe all at the same time. Also, talking is exhausting. This is […]

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Is My Pelvic Floor Broken?

Take this quiz to determine if your pelvic floor is functioning well. Does pee come out of your body when you don’t want it to? No. Whaaat….? Does that happen to people? Yes. That’s why I dread getting a cold and having to cough and sneeze. Yes. Why do you think I quit running/CrossFit/dance/going to […]

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The Bra That Wouldn’t Fit

After baby, like, awhile after baby, when my belly was semi-normal size, I slipped on my trusty ice-blue Uniqlo jacket. Warm and cozy, but light as marshmallow fluff, I wanted it to defend me against the stiff March breeze.  It zipped over my slightly protruding belly. But it wouldn’t zip up over my chest. Que annoying! I […]

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