Corrective Exercise

Good for people who
-are experiencing back, neck, foot, hip, knee, shoulder or ankle discomfort when they exercise
-are experiencing pelvic floor issues when they move certain ways
-have SUI or UUI symptoms
-have diastasis recti
-want to find that bridge back to their former fitness level or fun activity

Does it hurt when you exercise?

Does pee annoy and frighten you by squirting out when you exercise?

The body goes through so many changes during pregnancy, and it doesn’t just snap back to its pre-partum state after someone has their baby. Most of us haven’t been educated on the mechanics of rib positioning, the effect of cervical compression on spinal posture, or how foot positioning, arch strength, and gait affect the pelvic floor, hips, and knees.

How it works
-You book sessions: 50, 70 or 90 minutes long.
-First session begins with assessment followed by some key exercises
-Additional sessions are designed specifically for you: they may be workouts where you sweat, or may involve muscle retraining or body awareness practice
-You’ll get scheduling reminders and confirmations, as well as send payment, by text, using a secure app

I’ll use my specialized training in posture analysis, breath correction, and movement coaching to help you fix your movement patterns, breath, and posture so that exercise feels great again. If I find an issue beyond my scope of practice, don’t worry–I have a great network of physical therapists and other professionals I can refer you out to for help or diagnosis.

At the first session, I’ll conduct an in-depth postural analysis, and then we’ll begin right away with some beneficial, corrective movements.

At future sessions, I’ll work with you on the areas you can find improvements in. This might mean working on your breathing and involve a lot of lying down on the floor. It might mean working up a sweat re-cuing your glutes and core as you work on your squat form. It might mean developing your abdominal muscles with corrective core exercises. For most people, we can do a mix of in-person, Skype sessions, and phone calls, as you prefer.

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