How did my baby break my body?
Everyone’s body has minor postural deviations, and carrying a child to term can exacerbate an anomaly that used to give no symptoms. If the body never returns to its former equilibrium, the new pain can persist for a lifetime. However, helping the body return to equilibrium is doable. You might just end up stronger, faster, and more comfortable in your body after baby than before.

Am I actually going to get better?
Yes. The traditional OB-GYN/hospital delivery system is seriously inadequate when it comes to postpartum recovery. Within the scientific literature is a vast amount of real, evidence-backed knowledge. Right now, it isn’t part of what the medical community share with women after childbirth.

How does it work if I have my kids at home with me?
We’ll meet at your house for our 60-70-minute appointments.  If you need to intervene in a squabble, change a diaper, or find a missing puzzle piece, we just pause without concern, and then restart as soon as you’re back.

Some clients set their kids up with some toys and books in the other end of the room or in the room next door. Some clients snuggle their babies on their lap while we talk, and then set them in a swing or on their blanket to watch curiously as their mama does some exercises.

How do the friend sessions work?
Well, there are a few benefits:

  • they cost less
  • you get a built-in support system for motivation
  • you get scheduled time for you to hang out with your friend (pretty invaluable)
  • your kids can entertain each other and have fun together

What if I have different needs than my friend?
That’s almost always the case, at least in some respects. Sometimes each person does a similar exercise with a different point of focus, and it’s also common for each person to work on different things. In that case, I alternate coaching one friend while the other one performs the exercise. I’m used to teaching very specialized small-group fitness classes, so the format is comfortable and efficient.

What should I expect when I book my first appointment?
As soon as you reserve your first session with payment, you’ll receive a pretty detailed questionnaire. I’ll review your responses and plan the approach that will get your body back where you want it most effectively.

Is this going to be worth the money?
Being pain-free and fear-free is unbelievable. You might have even forgotten how it feels to bend down to get something without wincing, or to just go ahead and sneeze while you’re out for a walk. For athletes, being able to return to their familiar, intense levels of training can help with the whirlwind of changes that come with having kids.

It’s become normal for postpartum women to expect to suffer and feel limited, and it shouldn’t be that way! Your body was designed to recover from childbirth. The vast majority of women can recover and live pain- and discomfort-free after childbirth.

How is working with Unbroken Body different from working with a personal trainer?
I really like personal trainers. The motivation, commitment, and knowledge they can offer clients is almost limitless. Of course, I’m also a certified personal trainer. But I know some amazing trainers who don’t have any idea why your pants get soaked when you have to jump rope. The way the pelvic floor integrates with the spine just is not part of the standard personal training curriculum.

Once your body is functioning really well again, go ahead and find that amazing personal trainer who can get you to your marathon/weight loss/personal transformation goals. I did a lot of bad things for my body before I understood the unique issues postpartum women face. My trainer was a total superstar: experienced, creative, kind, and very safety-oriented. But he didn’t know why I couldn’t do jump squats without leaking, or why sprinting went from being my favorite part of the session to the most physically distressing. Most trainers understand the ramifications of an ACL surgery, or how to work safely with a client with asthma. But even the most common postpartum injuries aren’t part of our education as personal trainers.

I had to seek out really specific training from one of the few specialized physical therapists in the nation to get this knowledge for myself. Bottom line: A great trainer, operating from the best of intentions, could still get you into a pain spot by reinforcing dangerous patterns, pushing you in ways that prolong and aggravate your DR or back pain or prolapse.