Hey, lady who had a baby…

Helping Mothers Feel Amazing in Their Bodies and Beyond

Hey, lady who had a baby–
Your body just did some amazing stuff.

You might have told someone, “Seriously, this baby broke me.”

You might have come home from the hospital kind of shocked, like, “How can I take care of this tiny baby when my own body is doing…this…?”

You might be crying in the bathroom sometimes.

Or when someone runs past your house, fast, having fun, like you used to.

Maybe your back hurts. Or your hip hurts. Or your belly is now an alien being that you no longer recognize. Maybe you’re afraid to laugh, cough, sneeze, or jump now.

Your body can heal. It’s not broken.

You can feel amazing again.

Your body is immensely capable: you’ll be running, pain-free, soon.