Kid Activities

The Back Pain Loop

Too common Back pain is really common in our country. Georgetown’s Health Policy Institute has some statistics about the frequency and impact of this condition, but if you’re suffering from chronic back pain, there’s just one thing you want to know: how to get it to stop. there’s just one thing you want to know: […]

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Butterfly Project: Chrysalis

Materials One un-blown-up balloon per kid Some paper to tear up–junk mail, old drawings, catalog pages…anything. A pot and access to a stove or microwave Flour and water Small bowl and a low glass or another bowl How Blow up the balloon to desired chrysalis size and tie it. Your child should tear up the […]

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Butterfly Project: Eggs on a Leaf

Materials Construction-type paper Glue Something to be the eggs: IKEA beads, perler beads, ditalini pasta (you can even have your kids paint them first), buttons, those 3D stick-on gems, even paper punches. A straw or a stick A glass or little bottle How Trace a leaf shape onto construction paper for your child to cut, […]

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Butterfly Project: Caterpillars

Materials Egg carton of any kind Scissors Tempera or acrylic paint and brushes or a piece of spongeOR markers OR colored paper and glue How An adult needs to cut the egg carton in half (creating two 1×6 strips). This gives you the chance to make two caterpillars. Then give your kid painting materials and […]

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Why are these here?

During the pandemic, Unbroken Body supported parents at home with young children. These activities are fun anytime!

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