Why Does My Back Hurt?

Well, I don’t know. Really. The muscles in and around the back are complex. But I have a few guesses, and maybe I can help get your back feeling a whole lot better. Back Pain and Me I loved that bright little post-nap smile when my babies were ready to get up from their naps, […]

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How Long Till I Recover?

Postpartum women want to know how long it’s going to take for them to be back to their baseline. Here are my tips for answering that question: 1.Take what your MD or OB says with a grain of salt. An experienced primary care physician who focuses on prevention and maintaining good health reconfirmed to me […]

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The Mamas’ Class Playlist

We kicked off our winter group fitness class just for mamas! It has a few handy features:– you can bring your child with you-you get a fun, tough, safe workout designed for healing and strengthening postpartum bodies-it runs through Arlington County, so it’s financially accessible to all local mamas If you want to join the […]

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