Help Me Figure Out What I Need

Which of these describes you these days?

-You’re ready to exercise, but you don’t have childcare. Schedule personal training sessions with me. You’ll get your energy and positive mindset back with challenging workouts safe for your postpartum situation. We’ll do our workout at your house with your baby or kid right there.

-You need help with pain or another problem that’s keeping you away from exercise. Schedule corrective exercise sessions with me. I’ll probably need to do an in-person postural analysis once or twice, but the rest of the sessions can be on the phone or through video chat (or in person, if you prefer).

Services described below are coming online soon

-You need some support. Sign up for on-call text support with me. We’ll set up a private WhatsApp chat and you can send me messages whenever you’re struggling or feeling down. I’ll send back encouraging messages and practical advice. We can cover physical issues as well as emotional and mental ones (with the caveat that I’m giving feedback as a holistic personal trainer and postpartum corrective exercise specialist, not as a medical doctor). You can also schedule phone appointments with me, as a one-off, or as a series.

You need an eating makeover. Schedule a series of phone appointments with me. I’ll analyze what, when, and how you’re eating now, and give you a thoughtful and practical set of suggestions for changes to make to improve your mood, energy, weight, or whatever it is you want to improve. We can do this in person at your house if you prefer.

You’re feeling a little isolated. Round up a mom or two you have a passing acquaintance with, (you know, you saw them walk by your house with a stroller) and invite them to a workout group at your house. They’ll bring their babies, and I’ll run an awesome mini-group-fitness class for you all at a regularly scheduled time. Then you can hang out with your new workout friends afterward. Research says going through a new experience together is a very bonding activity. You can also schedule some phone or on-call text help for some emotional support if you want.