Pregnancy, delivery, nursing, and caring for infants and children: it all takes a toll on your body.

Not to mention heaving strollers and car seats, walking with a baby carrier, and lugging a breast pump and cooler bag to and from your office.

Not to mention doing it all without having had a good night’s sleep in months (or years).

Most of us don’t have anywhere close to the parental leave we need, and we get pressure to get right back to work, get right back into shape, get right back into the people we were before we had these wonderful babies.

It’s a lot. It’s too much.

But at least–at least!–you don’t have to be in pain.

You don’t have to have an aching back.

You don’t have to have daily neck pain.

You don’t have to have pee coming out when you go running or go to the gym.

photography of woman in pink tank top stretching arm

Your body has done something amazing, and, believe it or not, it can feel amazing again. You just need to know the right ways to move, and what to avoid while you’re healing, and what parts of your body you need to get stronger. I can show you that stuff.

Your body is not broken.